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Doe A Deer is a place that celebrates all the magic and wonder of the early years of a young child's life. The first years are often the most important and to that end, we offer a haven for new and expectant mothers, aiming to seamlessly provide all their needs under one roof. Ensuring that parents can enjoy themselves during this busy, happy time with as little worry as possible is our priority. Doe A Deer carefully hand-picks the best items in the market bringing you the cream of mother and baby products available worldwide. Beauty of our products lies in quality and simplicity. We believe that every purchase should not only be of the best quality but also that it should delight. Whether it is for yourself, your lovely baby or a gift for a loved one, you are sure to enjoy a warm welcome and leave with little parcels of joy.


We are at your service to help, guide, laugh, share and support: It is our pleasure to serve you, always.

Our Story

How it all began...

As an excited and hopeful mommy-to-be, Sara (CEO and owner of Doe A Deer) searched high and low for beautiful, one –of-a- kind baby clothing and accessories but was disappointed that the island had little to offer. She resolved to change this and built Doe a Deer out of the sheer need to give Bahrain that one-stop-shop for all things beautiful, useful and baby friendly.


Sara travels the world with her toddler in tow to personally hand-pick clothes, accessories and baby gadgets. She chooses them keeping in mind that they should be fun and timeless in their design and style. Through Doe A Deer, she intends to create a close-knit community of mummies in Bahrain who believe in giving their babies, the very best they deserve. What is more, Doe A Deer is located far away from the madding crowd, in Hamala where you can shop with all the peace and quiet your heart desires.


Why the name you ask?

We are sure that, once you say our store’s name, you won’t be able to stop humming the famous song ‘Doe a deer’ from the classic “The Sound of Music”. Likewise, we are also certain that shopping at Doe A Deer should be an exquisite experience and the one that should stay with you, and prompt you to keep coming back for more.



What we are all about...

We understand that while there is no way to be a perfect mother, there are million ways of being a good one. Being a mother is a lot of things – it is sleepless nights, the worry of doing the right thing and realizing you need super powers to keep going! In all this, a mother must not forget to enjoy her baby. Doe A Deer gives you the space and the chance to ooh and aah over your precious bundle of joy. We are humbled to be a part of all the important milestones of your little one’s life. We also hope to be a part of their growing up years where your precious gift from God feels special with the item they choose to wear from Doe A Deer.


The products we hand-pick are from around the world, with a focus on superior quality, design, and style at the heart of its ethos. The clothing resonates with contemporary chic; a clean, crisp look with a playful twist that encompasses all manner of playwear, daywear and celebratory wear. It is not just clothing that we specialize in, we also source the most useful baby and mother products that are bound to make your life a tiny bit convenient. We are proud to say that we have 42 brands from around the world that are known for their unmatched quality and unique designs.



What we believe in...

  • We believe in the importance of offering only the best because we know your child deserves nothing less. We take a lot of care and spend time hand-picking items that are limited edition of the best products in the market.

  • We believe we have created a unique place for families to come together to celebrate some of the most joyful moments in their lives with the guidance and support of our team of experts

  • We believe clothing for children should be fun and unfussy.

  • We believe every item purchased for your child or for a loved one should be special and inspire confidence and joy.

  • We believe in building relationships and creating communities of like-minded people.

  • Elegance is the heart of Doe A Deer which reflects in every part of our brand. The way our store is designed to look, the store layout, the merchandise display, the clothes selection, the attitude of the staff, the customer service – we believe in keeping it classy every step of the way.




We observe the passion of every mother for her child and that inspires us to keep pushing ourselves into giving her and her child the very best. We are inspired by seasons in Bahrain, cutesy prints, patterns, colours, and nature itself when we tour the world to source the very best.


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